Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Interesting Breakfast/Dessert Combination

(Yes, I am backdating posts.  I'm a bit behind as usual.)

From the "Royal Recipe" collection we decided to try the following:

Hail to the King Stacks:
Ingredients needed: frozen waffles, lemon or vanilla pudding, and fresh blueberries

Items new or re-introduced to Noelle:  Blueberries and lemon pudding
Items new to Livia:  Lemon pudding

The Results

Just to give a little background, I made this as a "dessert" for one of our breakfast night meals.  After work, I am always looking for quick and easy things to make.  This definitely was quick and easy.  I wondered if it would be a way to possibly get Noelle to try and eat some blueberries.  

Noelle's reaction:  She liked the waffles and the pudding until it got a bit soggy from sitting too long.  She definitely does not like blueberries.  I think I'm going to hold off on trying to get her to eat fresh fruit for awhile.  

Livia's reaction:  She loved it but was more interested in picking out the blueberries than anything else.

PS:  Anybody who wants a copy of this Disney Princess cookbook.... let me know.  I PDF-ed all of the recipes.  I know that's sorta breaking a bunch of rules, but there was no other way for me to get a copy of these.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miscellaneous New Things

Okay, so since attempt #2, things got a bit busy.  But that hasn't stopped us from trying new things. 

Livia has really taken an interest in cooking.  A few weekends ago she decided she wanted to help me make steak.  I let her pick what spices we used.  She was very stern that she wanted garlic, pepper and salt.  So that's what we used.  I let her put the spices on the meat and I cooked it up for her.  She also selected carrots and black beans/rice for our meal.  She's also decided she likes pickles, cucumbers without skins, and yellow bell peppers.

Noelle LOVED the steak.  She was lukewarm on the black beans/rice and was not a fan of the carrots at all.  But at least I got another protein in her diet.  So I'm succeeding in getting Noelle to like pork, chicken, turkey and steak over the course of January. Rice has been a nice addition.  So we're getting somewhere slowly.  She still is quite intimidated to try new foods and often 'yucks' things before even tasting it.  But we're getting somewhere.

Noelle picked a cookbook out at library at school so we're going to add it into our mix:  Disney Princess Royal Recipe Collection.  Of course, it's out of print and 30 bucks on ebay.... so I might just be making some photocopies of the recipes.  I hate having to do that, but the book is great.  If anybody knows where a cheap copy of it can be found, would love it.