Sunday, April 18, 2010

Other Adventures

We're slowly getting back into the groove of things on here.  This week Noelle picked out an interesting wrap that we will try.  My gut is that she isn't going to enjoy it because it has feta, hummus, and other vegetables.... but I wasn't going to say no.  Stay tuned for that update.

On other adventures, Livia had her bi-annual trek to a Mongolian barbecue for her birthday.  She tried eggplant for the first time and enjoyed it.  She tried shrimp again and didn't like the texture so much.  Other staples she delved into, of course, would be any of the following: lo mein, almond jello, asparagus, and other assorted vegetables.  Earlier in the spring, she tried dumplings and loved them.

One key to getting the girls to eat more for me is: chop sticks!  They will eat everything (and I mean everything) without fuss if I hand them a pair.  (Aside from the usual flavor issues) This site has training chop sticks and really affordable kids sticks in different varieties:
Mrs. Lin's Kitchen

For parents looking for a "reward" with your kids.  I have been using cooking time as a reward for Livia... I had been using it for potty training but that only worked for about a week.  Potty training is a whole other ball game.  But she does love cooking time and she has fun participating.  She is an expert lime zester right now.