Saturday, March 6, 2010

Beastly Burgers

From the "Royal Recipe" collection we decided to try the following:

Change the Dress Color Biscuits:

Ingredients needed:refrigerated biscuits, creamy peanut butter, fresh apple chunks, blue/pink decorating sugar
Items new or re-introduced to Noelle:  peanut butter, apple
Items new to Livia:  none, just the combination

Beastly Good Burgers:

Ingredients needed: ground beef, barbecue sauce, pineapple preserves, whole wheat dinner rolls, french-fried onions

Items new or re-introduced to Noelle:  everything

Items new to Livia:  barbecue sauce, pineapple preserves, french-fried onions

Wishing Well Pasta:
Ingredients needed: multigrain rotini, cubed lean ham, snow peas, ranch dressing, grape tomatoes

Items new or re-introduced to Noelle:  snow peas, ranch, and grape tomatoes
Items new to Livia:  snow peas

The Results

Beastly Good Burgers

Mom's reaction:  These will absolutely get cooked again.  Nice and easy and a little twist to regular burgers by adding the pineapple.

Noelle's reaction: I think she liked the multigrain bun the best, but she ate it.  She was very hesitant but ended up enjoying the entire thing.  Fingers crossed I can get her to try these later.

Livia's reaction:  She loved them.  She ended up having four of the mini-burgers.

Change the Dress Color Biscuits:

Mom's reaction:  I would make these again without the apple.  I am not a fan of cooked fruit and cooked apples are one of the worst to me.  I did try one due to the whole experiment, but I definitely liked this with the peanut butter only.

Noelle's reaction: She pretty much falls in line with me on these ones.  She liked the biscuit and the peanut butter but not the apple.  At least I'm not alone with the lack of fondness in cooked apples.... although Noelle probably isn't the most credible source.  :-)  She sure did have fun decorating these though so it was nice getting her involved.

Livia's reaction: Surprisingly Livia agreed with us.  The girl who likes everything did not like the cooked apple inside.

Wishing Well Pasta:

Mom's reaction:  The ranch dressing killed this for me.  I'm not a huge fan of ranch so another type of dressing would have been much better.  This just tasted like a lot of components in ranch.  Not very flavorful. 

Noelle's reaction: Ultimate fail.  She hated the whole thing.  She would have eaten the pasta without the dressing.

Livia's reaction: She ate this but hesitantly.  I think Livia is starting to develop the need for more seasoning and flavors as well.

Overall, I think the burgers will get made again and the biscuits (without apples).  This newer cookbook is lacking in flavor for me so far... but it's easy which is nice on some weeknights when trying to put things together.

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